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Warden is a primal defender class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[PH2:152]

Class traitsEdit

A 1st-level warden begins with hit points equal to 17 plus the warden's Constitution score, healing surges per day equal to 9 plus the warden's Constitution modifier, and a +1 bonus to Fortitude and Will defenses. A warden gains 7 hit points per level.

Class proficienciesEdit

A 1st-level warden begins with cloth, leather, hide, light shield, and heavy shield armor proficiencies, and simple melee, military melee, and simple ranged weapon proficiencies.

Class skillsEdit

Wardens are trained in Nature, plus any three skills from the warden class skill list:

Class featuresEdit

Wardens receive the Font of Life, Guardian Might, and Nature's Wrath class features at 1st level.

Font of LifeEdit

At the start of each turn, a warden can make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end.

A successful save ends that effect. The effect will not affect the warden that turn. For example, saving against being stunned or dazed allows the warden to act normally on that turn, and saving against ongoing damage prevents the damage that turn.

If the saving throw is failed, the warden can still make a saving throw as usual at the end of the turn.

Guardian MightEdit

Wardens choose either Earthstrength, Lifespirit, Stormheart, or Wildblood. Each option allows the warden to use another stat modifier as a bonus to AC when not wearing heavy armor, instead of his or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier. Each option also creates an additional effect when the warden uses second wind.

Nature's WrathEdit

As a free action once per turn(round?), and during the warden's own turn, a warden can mark each adjacent enemy until the end of the warden's next turn.

The warden also gains use of the warden's fury and warden's grasp at-will powers. These powers are immediate interrupts and immediate reactions, respectively, triggered by an enemy marked by the warden making an attack that doesn't include the warden as a target.

Warden powersEdit

Warden powers, having a primal power source, are also called evocations.

At-will attack evocations

1st level

Encounter attack evocations Daily attack evocations Utility evocations

1st level

1st level

2nd level

3rd level 5th level 6th level
7th level 9th level 10th level
13th level 15th level 16th level
17th level 19th level 22nd level
23rd level 25th level
27th level 29th level
Unleveled evocations

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