Tiefling is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[PH:48][HotFK:270]


Abilities +2 Cha and either
+2 Con or +2 Int
Skills +2 Bluff
+2 Stealth
Size Medium
Speed 6 Squares
Vision Low-Light
Languages Common, Infernal, choice of one other
Traits Bloodhunt
Fire Resistance
Infernal Wrath
Avg. height 5´6˝ – 6´2˝
167 – 187 cm
Avg. weight 140 – 230 lbs.
63 – 104 kg

Racial traitsEdit

You gain a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against bloodied foes.
Fire Resistance
You have resist fire 5 + one-half your level.
Infernal Wrath
You can use infernal wrath as an encounter power.

Race-specific featsEdit

The following feats have Tiefling as a prerequisite. Other prerequisites are noted.

Heroic Tier (any level) Paragon Tier (11th or higher)
Epic Tier (21st or higher)

Bloodlines Edit

Two Tiefling bloodlines were covered in the pages of Dragon; the Broken Mirrors of Levistus (Dragon #383) and the Blightseers of Baalzebul (Dragon #387). Each bloodline came with both bloodline feats and a racial Paragon Path.

Broken Mirrors Bloodline Edit

Blightseers Bloodline Edit

Favored classesEdit

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