This skill is linked to Charisma.

When in a settlement—a village, a town, or a city—make a Streetwise check to find out what’s going on, who the movers and shakers are, where to get what you need (and how to get there), and where not to go.

  • Streetwise: Using this skill takes 1 hour and might be part of a skill challenge. Some GMs may allow it being used as a knowledge check, where it takes no action, but the creature doesn't know the answer on the failure.
    • DC: See the table.
    • Success: You collect a useful bit of information, gather rumors, find out about available jobs, or locate the best deal.
    • Failure: You can try again, but you might draw attention to yourself if you keep chasing after the same information.
Settlement and Information Streetwise DC
Typical settlement 15
Hostile settlement 20
Totally alien settlement 30
Familiar settlement Easy
Unfamiliar but typical settlement Moderate
Foreign settlement Hard
Information is readily available -2
Information is hard to come by +5
Information is secret or closely guarded +10

Updates Edit

  • The rules compendium simplified the DC table, removing Typical, Hostile, and Totally alien settlements from the list and replacing it with Easy/Moderate/Hard DCs (naming them familiar, unfamiliar and foreign), and simply having one modifier concerning secret difficulty (the +10 modifer).

Bonus sourcesEdit

  • The spy hireling gives a +2 power bonus, increasing to +3 at level 15 and +4 at level 25.

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