A creature's speed determines how many squares it can move with each move action if it walks. A creature that runs gains +2 speed, grants combat advantage and takes a −5 penalty to attack rolls for that turn. A creature wearing heavy armor takes a −1 penalty to its speed (except Dwarves, because of their encumbered speed racial trait)

Speed by RaceEdit

All races have speed 6. However, there are four exceptions: Gnomes and Dwarves, with speed of 5, and Elves and Gnolls, with speed 7.

Exploration speedEdit

To determine exploration speed, multiply the speed value by 50 to get feet per minute, divide by 2 to get miles per hour, and multiply by 5 to get miles per day. [RC:169]

Base Exploration Speed
Speed Per Day Per Hour Per Minute
5 25 miles 2.5 miles 250 feet
6 30 miles 3 miles 300 feet
7 35 miles 3.5 miles 350 feet
8 40 miles 4 miles 400 feet

Creatures can attempt to move more quickly than the normal movement speed.

In one day, creatures may normally sustain a normal walking pace for 10 hours, although non-adventurers normally tire out after 6 to 8 hours. After that limit, creatures must make an Endurance check, starting at DC 20 at the end of the first hour, and increasing by 5 for every additional hour afterwards.

A creature may move double it's hourly speed for one hour. Beyond that limit, the creature loses a healing surge (or damage equal to its level if none are left) at the end of each subsequent hour.

A creature may move double it's speed per minute when in a hurry.

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