Shaman is a primal leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[PH2:118]

The shaman's role in the party is generally similar to that of the cleric. The shaman has access to healing and defensive powers, though not always at the same level as the cleric does. The shaman list of spells (or powers in 4e) differs from the cleric's list in that it often specifically addresses more natural phenomena, like the druid's spell list.

The chief difference is the shaman's spirit companion, adding a different layer of complexity to combat in 4e.

Class traitsEdit

A 1st-level shaman begins with hit points equal to 12 plus the shaman's Constitution score, healing surges per day equal to 7 plus the shaman's Constitution modifier, and a +1 bonus to Fortitude and Will defenses. A shaman gains 5 hit points per level.

Class proficienciesEdit

A 1st-level shaman begins with cloth and leather armor proficiencies, simple melee and longspear weapon proficiencies, and totem implement proficiency.

Class skillsEdit

A 1st-level shaman begins trained in:

Plus any three of the following skills:

Class featuresEdit

Shamans receive the Companion Spirit, Healing Spirit, and Speak with Spirits class features at 1st level.

Companion SpiritEdit

A shaman gains use of the call spirit companion power, an at-will minor action that conjures the shaman's spirit companion nearby.

In addition, the shaman chooses either Elemental Spirit, Protector Spirit, Stalker Spirit, Watcher Spirit, or World Speaker Spirit. The choice grants a Spirit Boon that affects allies or enemies adjacent to the spirit companion. The choice also grants a unique at-will opportunity attack power that triggers when an enemy leaves a square adjacent to the spirit companion without shifting, and determines one of the shaman's starting 1st-level at-will attack powers.

Spirit Companion Spirit Boon Opportunity attack power 1st-level at-will attack power
Elemental Spirit While an ally is adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion, the ally gains a +2 bonus to saving throws. In addition, if the shaman's spirit companion isn't present at the start of the shaman's turn, the shaman can summon it once as a free action during that turn.[DSCS:90] spirit's wrath [DSCS:90] spirit infusion [DSCS:90]
Protector Spirit When an ally adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion uses second wind or is targeted by the shaman with a healing power, the ally regains additional hit points equal to the shaman's Constitution modifier.[PH2:119] spirit's shield [PH2:121] protecting strike [PH2:121]
Stalker Spirit While an ally is adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion, the ally gains a bonus to the damage roll against bloodied enemies equal to the shaman's Intelligence modifier.[PH2:119] spirit's fangs [PH2:120] stalker's strike [PH2:121]
Watcher Spirit While an enemy is adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion, the enemy can't gain cover from other enemies, and allies of the shaman can treat the enemy as their nearest enemy.[PrP:64] spirit's prey [PrP:64] claws of the eagle [PrP:66]
World Speaker Spirit When an ally provokes an opportunity attack by entering or leaving a square adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion, the ally gains a bonus to all defenses against that opportunity attack equal to the shaman's Constitution modifier.[PrP:65] world speaker's command [PrP:65] voice of battle [PrP:66]

Healing SpiritEdit

A shaman gains use of the healing spirit power. Healing spirit is a minor action that allows the shaman or a nearby ally to spend a healing surge, and restores additional hit points to an ally other than the target adjacent to the shaman's spirit companion.

Speak with SpiritsEdit

A shaman gains use of the speak with spirits power. Speak with spirits is a minor action that grants a bonus to the shaman's next skill check equal to the shaman's Wisdom modifier.

Shaman powersEdit

Shaman powers, having a primal power source, are also called evocations.

At-will attack evocations

1st level

Encounter attack evocations Daily attack evocations Utility evocations

1st level

1st level

2nd level

3rd level 5th level 6th level
7th level 9th level 10th level
13th level 15th level 16th level
17th level 19th level 22nd level
23rd level 25th level
27th level 29th level

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