Regardless of the knowledge skill you’re using, refer to the rules here when making a check to identify a monster.


  • Monster Knowledge: No action required—either you know the answer or you don’t.
    • DC: Equal to the moderate DC of the monster's level.[RC:129]
    • Success: You identify a creature as well as its type, typical temperament, and keywords. If you also meet the hard DC of the monster's level, you additionally know the monster's resistances, vulnerabilities and powers.
    • Failure: You don’t recall any pertinent information. The DM might allow you to make a new check if further information comes to light.

Knowledge SkillsEdit

  • Arcana (creature from elemental, fey or shadow origin)
  • Dungeoneering (creature that has the aberrant origin)
  • History (creature that has a link to some lore. Used at the DMs discretion)
  • Nature (creature that has the natural origin)
  • Religion (creature that has the immortal origin or the undead keyword)


Before errata, the DCs were originally the following:

Monster Knowledge DC
Name, type, and keywords 15
Powers 20
Resistances and vulnerabilities 25
Paragon tier +5
Epic tier +10