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Magic missile
wizard attack 1

Special: Magic missile can be used as a ranged basic attack.

Target: one creature

Effect: 2 + Intelligence modifier force damage. Add the enhancement bonus, if any, on the implement used for magic missile to magic missile's damage.

Level 11: 3 + Intelligence modifier force damage.

Level 21: 5 + Intelligence modifier force damage.

Magic missile is a 1st-level wizard at-will attack power. It deals a small amount of force damage to a target, and does not require an attack roll. It can also be used in place of a ranged basic attack.[PH:159][U:7/2010][HotFL:203][Dr401:53]

Related powersEdit

The 1st-level wizard daily attack power wizard's fury has magic missile as a prerequisite, and allows the user to cast magic missile as a minor action once per turn for the rest of the encounter.[Dr374:22]


The July 2010 update modified magic missile to behave more like it did in previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons. The power no longer counts as a ranged basic attack and deals less damage, but it can still be used in place of a ranged basic attack and it no longer requires an attack roll. Heroes of the Fallen Lands added the evocation keyword to magic missile. The "Class Compendium: The Arcanist" article in Dragon 401 republished magic missile with no further changes.

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