"Leather armor is sturdier than cloth armor. It protects vital areas with multiple layers of boiled-leather plates, while covering the limbs with supple leather that provides a small amount of protection." -(Player's Handbook, pg. 212)

Leather armor is the second lightest armor in the 4th edition armory, after Cloth Armor. In its most basic incarnation, it provides a +2 armor bonus. This armor bonus, being that leather armor falls under the light armor category, is added to the higher of the character's Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers to provide the total armor bonus protection. Leather armor, therefore, provides the highest light armor bonus without imparting a penalty to character Strength, Dexterity, or Consitution-based skill checks while wearing the armor.

  • AC Bonus: +2. +3 at item level 16-25, and +4 at 26-30. [HotFL:344]
  • Weight: 15 lb.
  • Cost: 25 gp.

Classes proficient with Leather ArmorEdit

Player's Handbook 1Edit

Player's Handbook 2

Player's Handbook 3

Classes not proficient with Leather ArmorEdit

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