Regardless of the knowledge skill you’re using, refer to the rules here when making a knowledge check. Another use of the knowledge skills is for Monster Knowledge Checks.

Common Knowledge: This includes the kind of general information that is commonly known about a given topic.

Expert Knowledge: This includes the kind of specialized information that only an expert in the field of study could possibly know.

Master Knowledge: This includes the kind of esoteric information that only a master in the field of study could possibly know.


  • Knowledge Skill: No action required—either you know the answer or you don’t.
    • DC: Varies. General information is based on an Easy DC, Specialized as a Modeate DC, and Esoteric would be a Hard DC.[RC:129]
    • Success: You recall a useful bit of information in your field of knowledge or recognize a clue related to it.
    • Failure: You don’t recall any pertinent information. The DM might allow you to make a new check if further information comes to light.

Before errata, the DCs were originally the following:

Level of Knowledge DC
Common 15
Expert 20
Master 25
Paragon tier +10
Epic tier +15

Knowledge SkillsEdit

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