This article is about items used as implements. For the implement keyword, see Implement (keyword).

An implement is an item, such as a holy symbol or wand, that a character may use to improve powers with the implement keyword. A character must be proficient with the implement to do so. Implements are not required to use implement powers, but can provide a number of benefits.[PH:56]

Implement groupsEdit

Main article: implement group

Implements are classified into a number of implement groups: holy symbol, orb, rod, staff, tome, totem, or wand.

Implement proficiencyEdit

Main article: implement proficiency

Implement proficiency allows a character to apply the benefits of a wielded implement to implement keyword powers. Implement proficiency can be gained as a class trait, or from feats. Characters with multiple classes can use any implement with which they are proficient with any of their implement keyword powers.

Implement benefitsEdit

A character proficient with an implement and using it with an implement power applies the implement's enhancement bonus, if any, to the power's attack and damage rolls. An implement may give other benefits as well.

Weapons usable as implementsEdit

Some characters gain implement proficiency with weapons. For these characters, the weapon functions as a weapon for weapon keyword powers, and as an implement for implement keyword powers.

In addition, some special weapons inherently allow use as implements, regardless of proficiency.

When a weapon is used as an implement, its weapon proficiency bonus and non-magical weapon properties do not apply. When a magic weapon is used as an implement, its enhancement bonus, critical hit effects, magic properties, and powers do apply.[PH3:219]

Implement featsEdit

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