Once per day, you can gain the benefits of an extended rest.

  • Duration: An extended rest is at least 6 hours long.
  • Once per day: After you finish an extended rest, you have to wait 12 hours before you can begin another one.
  • No strenuous activity: You normally sleep during an extended rest, though you don't have to. You can engage in light activity that doesn’t require much exertion.
  • Regain hit points and healing surges: At the end of an extended rest, you regain any hit points you have lost and any healing surges you have spent.
  • Powers: At the end of an extended rest, you regain all your encounter powers and daily powers.
  • Action points: At the end of an extended rest, you lose any unspent action points, but you start fresh with 1 action point.
  • Interruptions: If anything interrupts your extended rest, such as an attack, add the time spent dealing with the interruption to the total time you need to spend in the extended rest.

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