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An epic destiny can be chosen at level 21, and is much like a paragon path, except it grants less abilities but those that are far more powerful, such as evading death, rather than postponing it for an action/turn like lesser powers do.

Each epic destiny has prerequisites, but many of them only require level 21 (e.g. Demigod), although some have more specific requirements, such as requiring certain skills to be trained in or particular ability scores to be beyond a certain score (e.g. Deadly Trickster).

Epic destinies define the end of each character place in the world, like the ending of a story. This is usually transcending the realms of mortal life and becoming a legend of eternity in some way.

Epic destiniesEdit

Arcane Edit

  • Arcane Sword (swordmage) [AP: 142]
  • Archlich (any arcane class) [AP: 143]
  • Archmage (wizard)[PH:173]
  • Archspell (any arcane class)[AP: 144]
  • Avangion (any arcane class)[DSCS:98]
  • Draconic Incarnation (any arcane class)
  • Dragon King (arcane defiling power)[DSCS:99]
  • Elf High Mage (wizard; eladrin or elf)
  • Fatesinger (bard)[PH2:170]
  • Feyliege (any arcane class; must have the fey origin, be a half-elf, or be a warlock with the fey pact) [AP: 145]
  • Immanence (any arcane class) [AP: 146]
  • Lord of Fate (any arcane class, unaligned alignment) [AP: 147]
  • Magister (any arcane class)[AP: 148]
  • Parable (wizard) [AP: 149]
  • Sage of Ages (any arcane class) [AP: 150]
  • Witch Queen (wizard)

Divine Edit

Martial Edit

Primal Edit

  • Fang of the World Serpent (any primal class)
  • Fury of the Wild (any primal class)
  • Glorious Spirit (any primal class)[PH2:171]
  • Honored Ancestor (any primal class)
  • Master Hierophant (druid)
  • Master of the Eternal Hunt (seeker)[PH3:159]
  • Mythic Spirit (any primal class)
  • Perfect Guardian (warden)
  • Primal Avatar (any primal class)[PH2:174]
  • Pyreen (any primal class or primal theme)[DSCS:102]
  • Reincarnate Champion (any primal class)
  • Sovereign Beast (druid, wild shape power)
  • World Tree Guardian (any primal class)[PrP:156]

Psionic Edit

  • Cosmic Soul (any psionic class)
  • Demiurge (any psionic class)
  • Diamond Soul (monk)[PH3:156]
  • Eight Seal (any psionic class)
  • Godmind (any psionic class)[PH3:157]
  • Grandmaster of Flowers (monk)
  • Invincible Mind (battlemind)[PH3:158]
  • Master of Moments (any psionic class)
  • Mind Lord of the Order (any psionic class that uses power points)[DSCS:101]
  • Topaz Crusader (any psionic class, Psionic Augmentation class feature)
  • War Master (ardent)[PH3:161]

Shadow Edit

  • Perfect Slayer (assassin)

Race-Specific Edit

  • Avatar of Io (dragonborn)
  • Disincarnate (deva, memory of a thousand lifetimes power)
  • Free Soul (revenant)
  • God-Emperor (human)
  • Heir to the Empire (tiefling) 
  • Raven Consort (shadar-kai, must worship the Raven Queen
  • Redeemed Drow (drow) 
  • Soul of the World (deva) 

Campaign-Specific Edit

Forgotten Realms Edit

  • Chosen
  • Harper of Legend (good or lawful good alignment; training in any two of Diplomacy, Insight, Nature, or Stealth; membership in the harpers)
  • Mythic Sovereign (fighter, paladin, ranger, or warlord; essentially identical to Legendary Sovereign)

Eberron Edit

  • Champion of Prophecy 
  • Dispossessed Champion 
  • Heir of Siberys 
  • Mourning Savior 
  • Reborn Champion[Dr365:70] (possibly Eberron campaign specific)

Dark Sun Edit

  • Avangion (any arcane class)
  • Dragon King (any arcane class)
  • Hordemaster
  • Mind Lord of the Order (any psionic class that uses power points)
  • Pyreen (any primal class or primal theme)

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