Dying is a condition, normally applied if an adventurer drops to 0 hit points.

  • The creature is unconscious .
  • The creature makes a death saving throw every round. Failing three death saving throws before a rest results in death, as does reaching the negative bloodied value in hit points.
  • The condition ends as soon as the creature receives healing. (The character is conscious, but remains prone.)

Monsters don't normally receive this condition, as they are either automatically killed at 0 hit points, or knocked unconscious.

Dying creatures may be stabilized with a DC 15 Heal skill check.

When receiving healing, the hit point total is first increased to 0 before applying the additional hit points. If the healing effect requires spending a healing surge but none are left, the adventurer still has the hit point total restored to 1.

A stable but unconscious character can still regain hit points at the end of an extended rest.