Dungeon Delve

Release date Feburary 2009
ISBN 978-0-7869-5139-0
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Dungeon Delve is a book containing a series of mini-adventures publiched by Wizards of the Coast, providing quick plot information from level 1 through 30.

The adventures are designed for use with the dungeon tiles, providing enough information for three encounters per adventure. These adventures may be standalone for one mission, or can be extended with additional encounters for a character level.

List of adventuresEdit

  1. Coppernight Hold
  2. The Broken Tower
  3. Orc Stronghold
  4. The Raiders' Hideout
  5. Tome of the Tiefling Empress
  6. Temple of the Zealots
  7. The catacombs of optila
  8. Poisoned Shadows
  9. Deceitful Descent
  10. Fear the Night
  11. Last Will and Testament
  12. Emerald Dawn
  13. Planar Bandits
  14. Hall of Echoing Screams
  15. Caves of Menace
  16. Eye of Flame
  17. Caverns of Demise
  18. Summer's End
  19. Temple of the Four Winds
  20. Cold Hands of Chaos
  21. Bahamut's Shame
  22. Smoldering Flames of War
  23. Lich's Last Stand
  24. Ghoulish Designs
  25. Temple of Primordial Fire
  26. Shadowfell Schism
  27. Storming the Clouds
  28. The Hungering Temple
  29. The Silence of Evil
  30. Deific Heart of Magma


Additional supplements were published for Dungeon Delve in Dungeon Magazines:

  • Coppernight's Salvation (Level 1) [Du178:58]
  • Fool's Grove (Published as part of April Fools, but fully playable.)
  • Return of the Poisoned Shadows (Level 8) [Du164:26]
  • Crown of the Troll King (Level 11)) [Du169:62]


  • Summer's End was first published in Dungeon #160, as an excerpt for the upcoming publication.

See alsoEdit

  • Delving into Dungeon Delve, Dragon magazine 372.
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