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A core rulebook in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons contains basic rules needed to play the game.

The Player's Handbook (PH or PHB), published June 2008, describes races, classes, and other basic rules for creating and playing as player characters. It was followed by the Player's Handbook 2 (PH2 or PHB2) in March 2009, and the Player's Handbook 3 (PH3 or PHB3) in March 2010, each expanding the game with new races, classes, and other rules.

The Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG), published June 2008, gives tips on creating campaigns, running encounters, controlling non-player characters, and other rules of interest to dungeon masters. It was followed by the Dungeon Master's Guide 2 (DMG2) in September 2009.

The Monster Manual (MM), published June 2008, is a collection of attributes for generic monsters for use in encounters. It was followed by the Monster Manual 2 (MM2) in May 2009, and the Monster Manual 3 (MM3) in June 2010, each expanding the game with new monsters.

Rules supplements add additional, optional content extending the rules in the core rulebooks, for example, new powers for existing classes, or rules specific to a campaign setting.

Errata and rules updates are occasionally released for the rulebooks.

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Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition products edit
Core rulebooks
  1. Player's Handbook
  2. Player's Handbook 2
  3. Player's Handbook 3
  4. Dungeon Master's Guide
  5. Dungeon Master's Guide 2
  6. Monster Manual
  7. Monster Manual 2
  8. Monster Manual 3
Rules supplements
  1. Adventurer's Vault
  2. Adventurer's Vault 2
  3. Arcane Power
  4. Book of Vile Darkness
  5. Demonomicon
  6. Divine Power
  7. Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons
  8. Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons
  9. Dragon Magazine Annual
  10. Dungeon Delve
  11. Dungeon Survival Handbook
  12. Hammerfast
  13. Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
  14. Heroes of the Feywild
  15. Heroes of Shadow
  16. Manual of the Planes
  17. Martial Power
  18. MP2
  19. Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium
  20. Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead
  21. The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea
  22. The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos
  23. Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
  24. Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings
  25. Primal Power
  26. Psionic Power
  27. The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond
  28. Starter Set
  29. Underdark
  30. Vor Rukoth: An Ancient Ruins Adventure Site
  1. Heroes of the Fallen Lands
  2. Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
  3. Monster Vault
  4. Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale
  5. Dungeon Master's Kit
  6. Rules Compendium
  7. Starter Set
Campaign settings
  1. Dark Sun Campaign Setting
  2. Dark Sun Creature Catalog
  3. Eberron Campaign Guide
  4. Eberron Player's Guide
  5. Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
  6. Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  7. Neverwinter Campaign Setting
  1. Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress
  2. Bloodsand Arena
  3. Death's Reach
  4. Demon Queen's Enclave
  5. Halls of Undermountain
  6. Keep on the Shadowfell
  7. King of the Trollhaunt Warrens
  8. Kingdom of the Ghouls
  9. Madness at Gardmore Abbey
  10. Marauders of the Dune Sea
  11. Orcs of Stonefang Pass
  12. Prince of Undeath
  13. Pyramid of Shadows
  14. Revenge of the Giants
  15. Seekers of the Ashen Crown
  16. The Slaying Stone
  17. Thunderspire Labyrinth
  18. Tomb of Horrors
Other publications
  1. Dragon
  2. Dungeon
  3. Player's Handbook Heroes
  4. Player's Strategy Guide
  5. Updates
  6. Dungeon Tiles
Board and miniatures games
  1. Castle Ravenloft
  2. Dungeon!
  3. Dungeon Command
  4. The Legend of Drizzt
  5. Wrath of Ashardalon
Computer games
  1. Daggerdale
  2. Heroes of Neverwinter
  3. Neverwinter
Related games
  1. Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game
  2. Gamma World

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