Cloth armor is the most basic form of armor. It most commonly exists in the form of everyday clothing. All characters are proficient with cloth armor. Jackets, mantles, woven robes, and padded vests don't, by themselves, provide any significant protection. However, you can imbue them with protective magic. Cloth armor doesn't slow you down or hinder your movement at all. Cloth armor is also less likely to arouse suspicion in sensitive locations than heavy armors. A wizard sneaking around in his robes is much less obvious a threat than a paladin in full plate mail.

The benefit of cloth armor is that, as light armor, you can add the higher of your Intelligence or Dexterity modifiers to your armor bonus, which is a plus for characters with high ability scores, but little proficiency with armor, such as wizards, sorcerers, avengers, monks and psions.

  • Armor Bonus: 0
    • +1 at item level 16-25
    • +2 at item level 26-30
  • Minimum Enhancement Bonus: +0
  • Armor Check Penalty: none
  • Speed Penalty: none
  • Price: 1 gp
  • Weight: 4 lbs

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