Blurred step
battlemind utility

At-Will (Special) ✦ psionic

Special: Blurred step can be used only once per turn.

Trigger: an enemy adjacent to and marked by the user shifts

Effect: The user shifts up to 1 square.

Blurred step is a battlemind at-will utility power granted by the Psionic Defense class feature.[PH3:44]

The July 2010 update revised blurred step to require a free action instead of an opportunity action so that the battlemind's shift occurs after, not before, the triggering enemy's shift.[U:7/2010]


Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Battlemind Menace 21st level Gain +2 power bonus to all defenses until start of your next turn.
Blurred Speed - Shift 2 squares instead of 1.
Harrying Step Persistent harrier power Can teleport to any square adjacent to target instead of shifting
Feywild Advance Eldarin If you have 1 power point, can teleport number of squares equal to Intelligence modifer instead of shifting.
Nature's Sentinel Wilden, battlemind's demand, mind spike Aspect of the Ancients: Shift 1 additional square when using blurred step.
Pursuing Step - If adjacent to triggering enemy after shifting, enemy grants combat advantage until end of your next turn.
Wild Advance Demanding Talent (Multiclass Battlemind) Gain blurred step, and can use it once per encounter.

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